2012 | Montreal | Canada / Epiphaneia


composition and sound-design for the project "Epiphaneia" presented at International Digital Arts Bienal (BIAN) in Montreal, Canada.

Epiphaneia (from the ancient Greek, manifestation, striking appearance of divine being) allegorically analyzes the sensation of epiphany, the eureka moment that enables the process of innovation and focuses on the manifestation of virtual world in a designated physical space. An epiphany is the sudden comprehension of bigger picture, a new network of neurons firing in sync with each other inside a human brain. It’s a new pattern that has never formed before. In this case Epiphaneia project creates a gate between virtual and physical that defines a new pattern upon cityscape canvas.

Can Buyukberber | A/V Artist
Refik Anadol | A/V Artist
Sebastian Neitsch | A/V Artist
Basar Yurtcu | Sound Designer
Kerim Karaoglu | Sound Designer